Stories Dedicated to the issue of missing persons from the last war in Kosovo

Story #1

“His whole foot is missing”
(Interview with Fetije Mirena)
On the eve of 21 April 1999, in Fushë Kosova, a train unloaded a group of paramilitaries who had come from Serbia. They were dressed in black, armed and with masks. They entered the houses where different members of the extended Mirena family lived, from which not less than sixteen men were gathered – brothers, uncles’ sons and their sons.

The remaining women with children were terrorized by their Serbian neighbors, forcing them to leave their country. The houses were robbed and later burnt. They remained with four children. Fetije Mirena, a wife of Nezir who was kidnapped that day, tells of her many sufferings during and after the war.

In 2006, the remains of Nezir and all other kidnapped men were found in Serbia. Their burials have not put a lid on the tragedy of this family.

These stories are part of “Living with memories of the missing: Memory book with stories of family members of the missing from the last war in Kosovo”, implemented by forumZFD program in Kosovo and Integra, in cooperation with Missing Persons Resource Centre, with the support of Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Rockefeller Brothers and Swiss Embassy in Kosovo)