In search of the truth – a week of activism

Story #2

Olga Stojanovic, Shtërpce

Marko Stojanovic was the director of an elementary school in Ferizaj at the time of the NATO bombing. Convinced that the war would soon be over and that the collective would return to interrupted teaching, he thinks there is no need to distribute employment documents to employees. With the end of the bombing and the war, Albanians settled in that school, while many Serbs in the town moved to the villages of Shtërpce. There they organize teaching for the adult Serb community in the area. Accompanied by members of the Polish KFOR, Marko one day in September 1999 goes to his former school in Ferizaj, in order to ask his Albanian colleagues for the remaining documentation of teaching in the Serbian language.

His wife, Olga, is full of doubts about his disappearance. She does not trust KFOR’s efforts to help her at all, and even believes that the American colonel is somehow involved in the kidnapping of Marco.

Actress: Aurita Agushi
Composer: Memli Kelmendi
Interviewer: Korab Krasniqi
Photos: Atdhe Mulla
Producer and director: Kushtrim Koliqi

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