“When I left them that day, I knew they were gone”

Story #9

“When I left them that day, I knew they were gone”
Kumrije Mazrekaj, Drenoc

The Mazrekaj family from Drenoc is forced to leave their home when Serbian forces come to evacuate the village from the Albanian population. They force them to walk for a while, sometimes separating men from women. Kumrija and her three daughters end up in a camp in Elbasan, while her husband Arif and son Jetmir remain captives in the village of Beleg, the place where the whole family is together for the last time.

Jetmir, as Kumrija learns, manages to escape wounded and takes refuge in the village of Isniq. A few years after the war, his remains are found in a well. I do not know anything exact about Arif even today, twenty years after his disappearance says Kumrija.

Actress: Aurita Agushi
Composer: Memli Kelmendi
Interviewer: Korab Krasniqi
Photos: Korab Krasniqi
Producer and director: Kushtrim Koliqi

Link for the audio story http://kosovomemory.org/podcast/episodi-09-kur-i-lashe-ate-dite-e-dita-qe-me-shkuen-17-48-min/?lang=sq