“I saw a dove and two pigeons playing”

Story #7

“I saw a dove and two pigeons playing”
Nebih Morina, Samadrexhë

Nebih Morina is the father of five children, three daughters and two sons. In the case of Nebih, unlike the others, none of the boys has disappeared, but the eldest daughter, Mevlydja. Married in Suhareka, mother of two sons, 5-year-old Genc and 3-year-old Granit, she disappears with all her children, husband, father-in-law and brother-in-law, after their house was surrounded by tanks.
Several years after the war, the body remains of most of the family members are found, with the exception of Mevlyde and her brother-in-law, Hajdin Berisha. Today, twenty years later, Nebih recounts the grief for the missing girl and the murdered grandchildren, which he sometimes pours into verses, while comparing former life with the poverty in which has lived since the Serbian forces burned, destroyed and plundered properties and possessions.

Actor: Adrian Morina
Composer: Memli Kelmendi
Interviewer: Korab Krasniqi
Photos: Korab Krasniqi
Producer and director: Kushtrim Koliqi

Link for the audio story http://kosovomemory.org/podcast/episodi-07-nji-pellumbeshe-me-dy-pellumba-i-pashe-tu-lujte-18-34-min/?lang=sq