On International Day of the Disappeared the British Ambassador Ruairí O’Connell joined the memorial march and laid flowers at the “ Memorial dedicated to Missing Persons.”

On this occasion, Mr O’Connell said:
“Wounds of the past heal slowly. But for the families of the missing persons, the wounds never really heal. As people, we must help ease their pain. As societies, if we want peace we must work to resolve the legacy of the past. But I am humbled by the patience of the families, especially my friends Bajram Qerkinaj and Milorad Trifunovic, co-heads of the Missing Persons Resource Centre, who, although they have lost so much, are leading examples of what solidarity and friendship between people means. I am proud that the British Government is supporting their efforts and those of others to support families and resolve the fate of the 1648 people still missing from the conflict.”