Support to the families of missing persons (Workshop for family members of missing persons in Velipojë, Albania)

Project Duration
October 2019
Supported by:
Presidents Office
Project objectives:
Encourage cooperation between them, as well as to share knowledge and practices in the field of resolving the fate of missing persons in Kosovo. The behavior of families together leads to reconciliation and confrontation with the past, while the same guarantee joint work with families that lead to the withdrawal of the fate of missing persons.
Support dialogue and mutual understanding between families from all ethnic groups, in order to result in a process of building trust between the associations of families of missing persons.
Facilitation of the dialogue and common understanding among the missing persons’ families from all ethnic backgrounds with an aim of confidence building between the associations of families of missing persons and their members, and ultimately bring reconciliation among them; and
Offer simple strategies of psycho-social therapy methods that are easy to learn and apply in daily life will be provided to help people cope with the difficulties encountered on a daily basis.
Support the initiative for advocacy strategy for the rights of families of missing persons
Support the knowledge/ experience exchange approach

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