Support to the families of missing persons

Project Duration:
May 2018
Supported by:
Presidents Office
Project objectives:
The overall goal was to jointly organize activities which might lead to finding 1658 missing persons/ fate in relation to the conflict in 1999, and enable families to exercise their right to know. This project will include family members that were not directly involved so far, as a result more people are going to benefit from the variety of foreseen activities. In addition to this, psycho-education and encouraging self-help when dealing with distressing and traumatic situations in the context of process of enlightening the fate of missing persons. The term psychosocial refers to an individual's psychological development in and interaction with their social environment. Psychosocial treatments (interventions) include structured counseling, motivational enhancement, case management, care-coordination, psychotherapy and relapse prevention. Therapy is an effective way to learn to cope with the stressors associated with the loss and to manage symptoms with different techniques. Through the project the aim is to present simple strategies of therapy methods that are easy to learn and implement in everyday life for helping people cope with difficulties they face on daily basis.

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