In search of the truth – a week of activism

Story #1

Fetije Mirena, Fushë Kosovë

On the evening of April 21, 1999, a group of paramilitaries from Serbia disembarked from a train in Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje. Dressed in black, armed and masked, they enter the houses inhabited by various members of the wide Mirena family, from which gather no less than sixteen men – brothers, cousins ​​and their sons.

Women left with children are then terrorized by their own Serb neighbors in order to force them to leave the country. Homes are looted and later burned. Left with four children, Fetije Mirena, the wife of Nezir abducted that day, recounts her many sufferings during and after the war.

In 2006, the remains of Nezir and all the men abducted with him were found in Serbia. Even the burial of bones does not conclude the family tragedy.

Actor: Rebeka Qena
Composer: Memli Kelmendi
Interviewer: Korab Krasniqi
Photos: Korab Krasniqi
Producer and director: Kushtrim Koliqi

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