“We found bone fragments the size of fingers”

Story #3

“We found bone fragments the size of fingers”

Maliq Kryeziu, Bubavec, Malisheva

Maliq Kryeziu’s family is forced to leave the house when Serbian military forces come and attack the village with over thirty tanks. They fled, fleeing as many to their friends, and together with them, to gather in the village of Kralan with at least ten thousand displaced from the areas of Kiev, Klina and Drenica. There they separate some of the adult men and bleed them with torture.

Two days remain hungry even during the cold of the night. Although the Serbs take their money and gold ornaments in return for sending them to Albania, they do not fulfill all their promises. They select about eighty men, including Mentor, Maliq’s 18-year-old son, who are not released towards Albania, but are led to what is today known as the Kralan Massacre.

The Kryeziu family returns from Albania after the war to find not only the house burned down by the Serbs. In search of their son, in Kralan, they also found burnt human remains.

Actor: Shkelzen Veseli
Composer: Memli Kelmendi
Interviewer: Korab Krasniqi
Photos: Korab Krasniqi
Producer and director: Kushtrim Koliqi

Link for the audio story http://kosovomemory.org/podcast/episodi-03-gjetem-copa-eshtnash-te-medha-sa-gishti-21-40-min/?lang=sq