Stories Dedicated to the issue of missing persons from the last war in Kosovo

Story #5

“If only there was a tomb where I could place flowers”
(Interview with Milorad Trifunović)
Miroslav Trifunović had returned to Kosovo after several years of living abroad. He was 43 and was thinking of marrying and starting a family. He started working in the Belacevac surface coal mine. He even built a new floor onto the house where he had hoped to live once married.
In June 1998, he had planned to go to the beach with his girlfriend, and upon their return, to get married. A few days before going on vacation, he, along with some of his colleagues, left for work to collect salaries. His brother Milorad, now a member of the Kosovo Government Commission on Missing Persons, says that this would have been the last time he was seen alive.
These stories are part of “Living with memories of the missing: Memory book with stories of family members of the missing from the last war in Kosovo”, implemented by forumZFD program in Kosovo and Integra, in cooperation with Missing Persons Resource Centre, with the support of Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Rockefeller Brothers and Swiss Embassy in Kosovo)