Missing Persons Resource Center (MPRC) continues with activities to mark August 30, 2021 International Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearances

The main event was held on August 25, where the forum “THE NEED FOR DE-POLITICIZATION OF THE MISSING PERSONS ISSUE!” brought together representatives from all relevant institutions dealing with the issue of missing persons and relatives of missing persons, to discuss the most sensitive issue regarding the process of clarifying the fate of missing persons in Kosovo.

Conclusions from the forum:

• The relatives emphasized that the truth is essential for them, even though the pain cannot be healed, nor can it be restored.
• The issue of missing persons is a humanitarian issue but is inevitably resolved through politics.
• The issue of missing persons and the clarification of their fate is a legal issue because the missing have been taken by force, and it is the legal obligation of the relevant institutions to clarify their fate, regardless of ethnicity.
• Progress has been made in clarifying the fate of the missing and there are many locations where excavations have taken place, 73% of the mortal remains of missing persons have been found since the beginning of the process.
• The daily policy hinders the issue of missing persons, prolonging the necessary processes for resolving this problem.
• Regional cooperation will provide answers and enable the exchange of information regarding the missing persons process.